What was Aamir Khan doing in a sabzi mandi?

Bollywood’s Mr Perfectionist was speckled in Jaipur’s unfeeling marketplace causing extensive oddity among a locals

How would we conflict if we found out that a unchanging veggie marketplace we revisit bland has a special guest in a form of Bollywood superstars Aamir Khan? We are assured many of us will go into a frenzy and rush to a mark immediately to accommodate a dudes. Well, that’s what happened in Jaipur recently when Aamir was sharpened for Rajkumar Hirani’s stirring production P.K. Aamir was seen dressed in normal Rajasthani colours with a fasten recorder around his neck. People around him too were dressed in normal Rajasthani attires. All around, there were cinema of Mahatma Gandhi even as a luminary shot several scenes of selling carrots.

As fans found out about Aamir’s participation in a market, they rushed to a mark to accommodate him. But sadly, nothing could accommodate a 47-year-old actor since of a complicated confidence and blockade. State Tourism Minister Bina Kak was one of a few propitious people who got to accommodate a star amidst a unimaginable frenzy. The luminary was in a city with his mother Kiran Rao and son Azad Rao Khan.

We wish Aamir did his selling ..errr…shooting for a film in a marketplace peacefully even yet his starry participation combined trade jams in a city!

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